an In t he Company of Kings event

In the Company of Kings Event Coordinator:  Jason Taylor
In the Company of Kings Treasurer:  Linda Jackson
In the Company of Kings Vendor Chair:  Chris Kaiser

2016 AHWC Organizing Committee:
     Jennifer Taylor, Chair
     Tony Saia
     Stephen Fisher
     Christine Pinkston
      Allan Reznik
Judge's Education:  Michael Canalizo

AHCA 2016 Breeders Cup:  Jason Taylor
AHCA Breeder's Cup Show Secretary:  Dorma Sue Busby
AHCA Breeder's Cup Trophy Chair:  Jennifer Taylor
AHCA Breeder's Cup Banquet Chair:  Jan Buttler
AHCA Breeder's Cup Advertising Chair:  Toni Richmond
AHCA Breeder's Cup Grounds Chair:  Mike Gardner
Afghan Hound Club of Southwestern Ohio:  John McKiernan
Midwest Afghan Hound Club:  TBD
Afghan Hound Club of Greater Columbus:  Lucy Orlowski
Ohio Specialties Show Secretary:  Holly Miller

Event Chairmen